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Welcome to the Daycare page. This is where you will get all the information about your cats stay, and where you will decide if you want your cat to stay here with us.

Cat Nibble


If your cat stays here with us he/she will have an average of 3 - 4 meals a day. Your cat will eat food of your choice so feel free to bring your cats normal food with you. We will provide clean food and water bowls and organic homemade food for your cat. If you do not have any cat food we will give your cat food of your choice from our shop. And do not worry we won’t overfeed your cat!

Your stay

Here at CatCare your stay is our number one priority, so we try our best to make sure you have a good stay. Our range of comfort goes from fluffy pillows to comfortable seats. Your cat will have plenty of space to walk around and sleep. They will not be put in leashes or cages but there will be a limit of places they can go. If they feel dirty we will wash them, if they feel hungry we will feed them, and if they feel uncomfortable we will comfort them. Anything your cat needs we will provide them.

Yawning Cat
cat resting


Since we don't want your cat to be overfed we will also be playing with the cat and give them the right amount of physical activity. If you want you can bring a toy from home otherwise you will be provided with toys from the shop.

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