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Ragdoll Cat

Sigmund Freud

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.”

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About Us

Next Level Pet Care

Since 2020, we’ve been proudly supporting animals throughout the Lahore, Pakistan area. Motivated by a passion for cats and deep understanding of quality cat care, we continue to serve a growing client base and expand our service offerings to meet their needs. we serve in training, boarding and daycare. we hope this helps you because When you and your furry friend come to Cat Care, you become part of our family.

Cat Care is a family friendly place for your furry friend to stay. We have specially prepared the place your cat will stay just for you. We have cat trees, comfy beds, warm rooms, anything your cat could ever want. We recommend Cat Care for you, this is the place for your furry friend.

Sleeping Cat
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Opening Hours

Come and Play

Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 12am - 4pm
Closed on Sunday

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Our Background

How We Started

Ever since I got a cat, I realized that cats are living creatures just like us too. Maybe if the don't deserve luxury then we can at least provide them with food, water, and a place to call home. That's when the extraordinary idea popped up in my head. "Why don't I create my own business all for cats? I can create my own online website and I can create kind of a daycare for cats!" That's when I started This business.

We set up Cat Care in 2020 to provide an incredible experience for cat and owner. From small beginnings, we’ve added a whole range of services and experiences, making us the premiere Cat Daycare in Lahore.

Our facility has plenty of special features designed to give the owner peace of mind knowing their four-legged companions are in safe, loving hands. Cat Care started from just a simple idea of caring for cats. We cared about these magnificent animals so much we decided to create our own company about it so other people care about them to.

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